The Analysis Council works directly with the Board of Directors to support the Institute's initiatives on constructivism, technology, and diversity.

council members

  • Tim Bedley is an elementary school teacher in Southern California. Tim provides professional development workshops for teachers and models educational strategies through the use of video via YouTube.
  • Kathy Bellows is a Social Studies teacher at Franklin Academy High School in Malone, NY.
  • Kendra Bush is the personalized learning coordinator at an elementary school in Denver, CO.
  • Chris Clark is an elementary school teacher at Granville Central School District in Granville, NY.
  • Dan Drmacich retired from being Rochester's principal of School Without Walls in 2010, and is currently the chairman of Rochester's Coalition for Justice in Education.
  • Alyssa Hardy, president, is a high school art teacher at Bainbridge-Guilford Central School District in Bainbridge, New York. She also teaches technology classes at the local library.
  • Chelsea Jandreau is the Assistant Director at Nature's Classroom Institute, an environmental education program in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. 
  • Carol Lamb currently works at the Tupper Lake Central School District in a variety of capacities.  She has been teaching using constructivist techniques since she trained with Jack, Bruce, and Pat 30 years ago.
  • Sunny O’Bryan is a music teacher at St. Regis Falls Central School District in St. Regis Falls, New York.
  • Tim Rudan is the Department Chair of Social Sciences at Forest Hill Collegiate Institute in Toronto, Ontario. He is also a Site Coordinator and adviser for the Faculty of Education at York University.
  • Viola Schmid-Doyle is the principal of the JM McKenney Middle School, Canton, NY.
  • Pam Susice is a Grade Five teacher from Saint Regis Falls in upstate New York.
  • Dwight Stevenson (@dwsteven) is a Global History & Geography teacher at Heuvelton Central School in Heuvelton, New York.
  • Robin Wolpin is a high school math teacher in northern New York.


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