Constructivist Educational Strategies

Captivating Classes with Constructivism

Captivating Classes with Constructivism
Written by Pat Flynn, Don Mesibov, R. Michael Smith, and Paul Vermette
Printed in collaboration with The Institute for Learning Centered Education

From the authors of Applying Standards-Based Constructivism, this book provides practical strategies for pre-service and in-service teachers.

More than any other text about constructivism on the market, Captivating Classes with Constructivism focuses on the how-to-do aspect of constructivism. There are examples for every grade level and in all disciplines. Sample lesson plans are included.

Teachers will find useful content such as five minute opening activity strategies, as well as jigsaws, carousels, and literature circles, all of which can be expanded to a full period or even several days.

Other highlights include “Seventeen Intentions that Effective Teachers Use as Guidelines in Lesson Design” and chapters written by classroom teachers Sonia Basko and Beth Konkoski-Bates specifically for this book.

This book can currently be purchased by contacting The Institute for Learning Centered Education.