Constructivist Educational Strategies

Applying Standards-Based Constructivism

At last, a book that shares practical classroom applications of the constructivist theory of how people learn.

Book cover: Applying Standards-Based ConstructivismBook cover: Applying Standards-Based Constructivism

Applying Standards-Based Constructivism (Elementary and Secondary Editions)
Written by Pat Flynn, Don Mesibov, R. Michael Smith, and Paul Vermette
Published by Eye on Education, Larchmont, NY.

The book addresses many challenges, such as how teachers can empower students to control their learning while still maintaining control of the class and how to set objectives, focus on standards, and yet conduct a student-centered classroom. Applying Standards-Based Constructivism also clarifies the connection between constructivism and student motivation, discusses the role of lecture in a student-centered classroom, and explains how to design performance based assessments while still covering the intended curriculum.

This book can currently be purchased from: (elementary edition / secondary edition)
Eye on Education Publishing (elementary edition / secondary edition)
or by contacting The Institute for Learning Centered Education.